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Who We Are

D.R.R.S. was founded in the wake of one of the worst natural disasters our country has seen (Hurricane Harvey) by the people who lived through it and are still recovering from it. In essence, you could say this organization was born and baptized by the flood waters that tore through our city. Our founders and members know only to well what victims go through during those times of extreme circumstances. From evacuating their own family from their flooded home and continuing to go out and perform rescues while knowing they have no bed to come home to and not knowing when they will be home to see their loved ones; to working side by side with local law enforcement to evacuate multiple families from rising floodwaters.

                   Our Mission, Our Goal, and Our Promise,

We will always provide a professional, capable, willing and able response to those communities that find themselves battling mother nature. Even at her worst we will respond with our best.


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